What is My Exit Strategy?


Most investors think about when to buy and also when to sell. The homebuyer is an investor and should make a mental forecast of how long this investment should serve for and is it part of a bigger picture strategy or, perhaps you plan to finish your sweet days in this home and will it to someone. We should talk about it and in the least, you should follow your purchase with a personal will that identifies your wishes and eliminates any future heartache for those still around. The process is not a hard one.
For real estate, the idea of owning the property for a minimum of five years to assure the asset appreciates and that you can regain your down payment/investment is sound advice. What are you have to exit in a hurry? Price is always the answer to fast, but give me a call and let's discuss the facts and based on market trends and conditions, you will get honest counsel from me. You have time and can allow "marketing" on the property and reach farther for a buyer for a maximized sales price, that, too, is achievable but we must make agreements on price, bonus conditions, home condition and access for photographers, Realtors, and buyers and sometimes, the process is a fast one with market trends being what they are.

Are you prepared for a 30-day move?

Screech! Oh My Gosh! What a lot of packing and mental timing plus utility management in addition to the marathon of paperwork, the appointments to sign grant deeds or loan documents or BOTH! Is moving ever convenient? Do not be overwhelmed. Make requests of people to help in the process. Be surprised who shows up to assist in the process. The gathering of boxes and the intelligent way to organize a move, just ask me and I'll share with you what I've learned over the years.


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